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We are in Central Ohio (Columbus) and we truly sell windows and siding for less. As a home builder, I purchased many windows and used Alside for vinyl siding products throughout the last 30 years. We now provide their products with Alside’s warranted installation for less than the many window sales companies (who either resell or “private label” products and have them installed by sub-contractors) or the self-described “Manufacturers”, who either buy their extrusions from a company like Alside (in business 65 years and a division of Associated Materials), and then cut and assemble windows for which they purchase glass units from a glass manufacturer. The is absolutely nothing wrong or improper with these business formats, except that businesses like these are force to sell at higher prices because of their overhead and profit requirements, such as high advertising costs, higher overhead and many times commission tiers necessary to support sales managers and sales people.


For local  “Manufacturers”, the cost of their materials are higher, since their volume is small in comparison, they cannot  purchase vinyl or glass materials, afford engineering, produce  advertising literature, create and manage websites, videos, etc. for the same price without the volume of production (Millions of units) that a company like Alside can  Alside engineers, extrudes, and manufactures its own vinyl, and creates more choices to homeowners, such as the many colors and glass configurations (PPG) at the most reasonable pricing so that Windows and Siding 4Less can pass these savings the homeowner for lower prices.


In this business there is absolutely nothing that is manufactured as “free”, regardless of advertising or a sales presentation as such. Whether in higher quality extrusions, design, glass unit configurations, ½ or full screens, grids, colors inside and out, or other options, if there is an offer of something “free”, such as, free triple pane glass for the price of double pane glass(a common sales line today), it is a ruse, since there is an additional cost to manufacturer and to purchaser in the price, however it may be concealed. This is only one example by which an unwary buyer is fooled into thinking that it is getting something for nothing. It just isn’t so.


Again, if the offer stands only for a “limited time”, then the price is generally higher and this can be a deception that is used to pressure a customer to a immediate or hurried decision with the fear of potential financial loss or to stop the customer from being able to perform comparison shopping, because of the time limitation.  This puts the customer in the position of being uninformed. If the offer can’t stand up for an extended time, at least 30 or more, then one should suspect that there possibly a better way to go.


Here at Windows and Siding 4Less, in a no cost and no pressure consultation, we initially educate our potential customers in the basics of the products.

With windows, we will explain and demonstrate the different styles of windows available on the market today. Next we show the construction along with the different energy efficiencies of glass units and how these work together. This will include the basics of transference of heat  & cold, light, and sound.


We will give them literature that is easy to read and understand with graphics to illustrate the principles that make sense of the many choices they will have. With actual operating windows, their components, and cut away sections, we display the inner workings of the windows. In addition, many functional and decorative options are demonstrated. After which we will measure the existing openings. In a few days after the initial meeting, we will send or deliver to the customer a spreadsheet or spreadsheets, based upon the selections made by the customer with the guidance we have provided, showing pricing that is itemized in the way it is provided by Alside, the manufacturer. Window manufacturers have necessary line items costs for the purchase of each window.   The design model, the type of window, the color inside and color outside, double pane or triple pane, the glass insulation type, grid design, special glazing(tempered, obscure, tinted, etc) and other items. Each of these have a cost for each individual window. Not surprisingly, none of which are “free” ! The customer can receive various quotes based upon the different pricing needed for the customer to look over to see how the prices are affected by one change or several changes.

We believe:   “Well informed shoppers make better buying decisions”.


When and if the customer desires more information, addition price quotation, or to order windows, Windows and Siding 4Less will write the agreement with the spreadsheet of the selected windows as a part of it. After which, Alside will send a company representative to measure the windows and will then proceed to manufacture, install, and service the windows with their personnel under their manufacturers Lifetime Warranty.


Alside provides a “one source” responsibility from measure through all future servicing that might be needed with the seamless coverage on the windows and installation by a company with 65 years of operations having substantial assets to stand behind their windows and warranties.  Alside services its own Limited Transferable Lifetime Warranties through their distribution centers located throughout the United States with one here in Columbus.


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