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Traditional Home Window Presentation

1) The window sales company makes a sales presentation of their "exclusive" windows or sidings, which may even be a "private label" window, meaning that they have specially printed brochures with unique names for the window models. "The only place you can get these windows is from us". When, actually, the windows are sold by various window sales companies under various "unique" names. The reason would be to keep the buyer from accessing full information regarding the source for taking an objective look at product and pricing.

2)  A special promotion will be offered to create an urgency for the homeowner to purchase within a short time frame. However, most likely what the homeowner will truly "miss out on" will be the ability to research further to properly compare the value and cost of the windows.

Conclusion: You may be worried about pricing, quality and warranty 

Windows + Siding 4 Less Concept 

1) Windows and Siding 4Less can show that for 65 years Alside has been designing and engineering quality products for homeowners and that Alside has become a leader in the replacement window and siding industry with over 100 distribution centers to serve the homeowner. We present Alside's energy efficient window systems and siding products that are Lifetime Warranted and how they can work for you in providing the best in performance for the most economical cost, and by bringing the homeowner together with Alside as your "One Source" for the manufacturing, installation, servicing, and warranty work - ALL performed by a financially strong company and its employees.

2)  Based upon the homeowner's selections with the technical guidance by Windows And Sidings 4Less, an exact price quotation is given to the homeowner, in a spreadsheet format. This provides a detailed breakdown of each of the individual products and their costs, individual options and costs, and the installation cost per item.  This quotation is provided without any obligation or urgency; so that the homeowner has the ability to research further to properly compare the overall value of such an important decision.

Conclusion: Buy from us with peace of mind. We stand with you all the way.

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